poor history credit cards

If you have a poor history, then credit cards can be hard to obtain - until now !

Poor history credit cards is a term used to describe credit cards that are suited for individuals who have had a history of credit problems in the past. This usually happens when an individual defaults on some loan repayments or when they have issues with the County Court Judgments(CCJs).

There are numerous credit card companies that specialize in offering poor history credit cards to such individuals. The applicant should be aware that these types of cards tend to have a much higher annual percentage rate than other credit cards. Why you ask? Primarily because of the already-present poor history of the applicant. Due to this higher risk associated with these cards, it is recommended that the card holder pay off the balance in full, each month. This will help ensure that their credit history will not get worse.

If you have poor credit history, then it is ideal to start rebuilding your credit history. So how to begin rebuilding credit history? There are a number of companies that specialize in repairing credit rating history. You can find numerous of these types of businesses in the local newspapers. It is important to note also that these companies can't do anything for you that you cannot do yourself! So you can do the deeds yourself and save money in the process, while helping to rebuild your credit history.