Pet Insurance



Pet insurance (or pet health insurance as it is sometimes termed) is a must have for every pet owner. At its most basic level it will protect cat owners and dog owners from expensive vet bills but, more importantly, it will give your pet high quality treatment direct from your vet so that your pet recovers quickly and healthily from any accident or illness. Pet insurance protects you and your pet by providing a guaranteed sum each time your pet has to be treated at the vet for a range of conditions.

In most cases, your pet insurance provider will pay your vet direct so you don't even need to pay out in advance. So, not only does pet insurance give you peace of mind but it is very convenient in the event that your pet becomes ill or is involved in accident. But don't think that pet insurance stops there. The range of benefits available from pet insurance policies is extensive. Benefits available in pet insurance policies include:
Pet insurance is also available for rabbits, hamsters and birds so make sure you purchase rabbit insurance, hamster insurance or bird insurance if you own one of these pets. Many pet insurance providers also offer discounts if you take out more than one policy. To see all the benefits provided by pet insurance and select the cover that's right for you and your pet visit the pet insurance website

Horse insurance

If you own a horse or just ride one then horse insurance or horse rider insurance can be very important indeed. Horse insurance can be provided for the novice right up to competition level and can also include cover from trekking to polo.

The main benefit of horse insurance is the cover provided against veterinary fees but the range of benefits can include the following:
If you don't own a horse but just ride then you need horse rider insurance. Horse rider insurance includes the following benefits: Cover for horse riding equipment if it lost or stolen

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