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King size beds are the best beds for a good nights sleep. A normal double bed is 4ft 6 inches wide x 6 ft 3 inches long, where as a king size bed is 5ft wide and 6ft 6 inches long.

This means that you have ample room to move around in, and also gives you extra comfort and space if your partner is a restless sleeper.

king size beds

One of the best things about king size beds, is they are relativly cheap in comparsion to a normal standard double bed, and therefore make them a good choice of purchase.

There are also alot of advantages about ordering a king size bed from the internet, as
you generally get a much better price, as with most things on the internet, overheads
are much lower than a busy highstreet shop or industrial park shop.

Also as they are quite big and are often quite troublesome to purchase in a highstreet
retailer, ordering king size beds or matress online makes perfect sense.

There are 1000's of online king size bed retailers, but we are 100% confident that
we can offer the best prices and fastest delivery times.

We even offer exclusive discount codes when you purchase king size bed from us so
you can save even more money.

Kingsize Beds